We would like to thank all of you for helping us with our project in 2013. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible to give these children a place to learn, to help them develop their skills and to integrate them into their families as an accepted and appreciated member.

As the year 2013 ends the “Buddha Jyoti Himalayan Youth Club” wants to tell you about the changes and news that the year has brought to “Maitri Griha”.


At the moment twelve children take part in our Daycare program in two classes. In the beginner class the children learn to get more independent in their daily activities like toileting, dressing or eating and to develop their skill to concentrate and stick to a task. In this class there are eight children. In the Year 2013 we welcomed three new children Arati, Asis and Reazon.

sagar.jpg tsewang.jpg sanita_sm.jpg
 Sagar  Tsewang  Sanita
 angmu_sm.jpg ashmita_sm.jpg asis_sm.jpg
 Angmu  Ashmita  Asis

In the advanced class, lessons focus on reading, writing, math and on vocational training like candle making, doing household work. In this class there are four children.

pasang_sm.jpg sandesh_sm.jpg sailesh_sm.jpg
 Pasang  Sandesh  Sailesh

  Children getting physiotherapy at “Maitri Griha”

purnima_treat.jpg naina_treat.jpg
 Purmina  Naina

Children left “Maitri Griha” in 2013

In the year 2013 four children left “Maitri Griha”.

anish_sm.jpg The parents of Anish Lama wanted him to admit in a normal school again. They thought that Anish has improved a lot since he joined Maitri Griha so they are going to try and see how that goes. If it is not going well in the normal school, then Anish will return to Maitri Griha. 
 pawan_sm.jpg Pawan was first shifted in the A.B.B.S (Christian organization) that take’s care of the mentally challenged children. Later he was again shifted in a nice home named S.E.R.C in co-ordination of Marinka Home. He was shifted since he could do all the activities of Maitri-Griha and the Home A.B.B.S, but still needs to learn more. For a better education and training that will lead him to be independent he is now in S.E.R.C.
 bishal_sm.jpg Bishal came for physiotherapy each day. He improved a lot and the parents told us they will try do the physiotherapy by themselves now at home. But if its not working he may come back. This is also the benefit of parents counseling and parents training.
 nima_sm.jpg Nima got physiotherapy for seven month at Maitri-Griha. Along with Pawan she was shifted to a home named S.E.R.C, where she can be in hostel. During her time in Maitri-Griha she came up with great changes in here physical ability. We hope she will have a good comforting place with more improvements in the S.E.R.C Home.

Staff Training

To improve the skills and knowledge of our staff we sent one of them, Gita Lama, for a three months training course in the "Institute of National Psychology". It was a very useful training. This training increased the ability of finding out the psychological barriers in the learning of children and methods to cope with it.

Activities in 2013

Impressions from the daily routine

imp_2013_1.jpg imp_2013_2.jpg
 imp_2013_3.jpg imp_2013_4.jpg
 imp_2013_5.jpg  imp_2013_6.jpg

Dental checkup for the children

 On 3rd May we took our children for dental checkup held at Mangal Dip School Boudha.

dental_1.jpg dental_2.jpg

General Health checkup for the children

On 24th of October a General Health Checkup Program was conducted at Maitri Griha.

health_1.jpg health_2.jpg


This year again we could welcome some volunteers.

1. Riky van der Heijden.
2. Celia Blayquesada.
3. Charlotte.
4. Nienke Boersama.
5. Monica and Vincent.

Thank you for supporting us!!!!!


During the year 2014 we would like to focus on making the children more independent in their daily activities also developing the skills in children by providing different vocational training and conducting the training package program for the staff for the smooth running of Maitri Griha.

We are always looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to our little home, which can work with the children and help our staff to develop their skills working with these mentally challenged children. In exchange we can offer you an opportunity to explore the culture as you come to understand Nepal, its people and their lives.


We would like to thank all institutions, organizations, sponsors, well wishers, volunteers and friends of “Maitri Griha” for their overwhelming support and co-operation during the year 2013. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this New Year 2014 come with blessing, peace and happiness for all of you.

Thank you for keeping this little project going!!!

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