At the moment we have 15 children in day care and 1 child in physiotherapy. Five of the children are in advanced class and ten in the basic class.

Children from advanced class can do most of the house-hold work. They are completely independent from the activities of daily living like showering, brushing, toileting, clothing. We enroll the advanced class children in Helping Didi's and Roshan in cooking. They are given task like, sweeping floor, cleaning toilet, dinning room, helping in the kitchen in cutting vegetable, doing dish wash.Our further plan is to make them more capable of doing all  the house hold work.

Likewise In the basic class all the children shows a better progress than before. They are capable of doing basics activities like brushing, toileting. They are given the task like simple puzzling, drawing, painting, making beads etc.

sandesh1.jpg reazon.jpg dipendra.jpg pasang.jpg
 Sandesh Reazon  Dipendra


 sailesh.jpg anil.jpg ashis.jpg  ashmita.jpg
 Sailesh  Anil  Ashis  Ashmita
 arati.jpg roshan.jpg  sagar.jpg anusha.jpg
 Arati  Roshan  Sagar  Anusha
 minkumar.jpg  phoolmaya.jpg  tsewang.jpg  purnima.jpg
 Minkumar  Phoolmaya  Tsewang  Purnima

Addition of new children Anusha, Minkumar and Phoolmaya. Minkumar was weak in concentrating in class activities, but now a days he is having longer concentrating power, with patience. Like wise Anusha is also a smart girl she was sent in normal school for 3-4 years but there wasn't a big progress so, they brought her in maitri-griha. She is the talent girl among all the children in basic class.

Phoolmaya is back after 2 years,she is doing good and it takes few months for her to get the structure. Sad part of phoolmaya is that she is not regular and its difficult to get good progress due to her irregularity. We talk with the parents to show regularity in the school of phoolmaya. We hope they will maintain regularity of their children.

Regarding physiotherapy we have only one child name purnima she has a lots of improvements, can make walk more than before. Also the parents of Purnima are very active and hard working. They show good regularity, this is also a reason why she got good progress. Physiotherapy is given to all the children from both basic and advance class.

Activities of maitri-griha

act1.jpg act2.jpg
 act3.jpg act4.jpg
act5.jpg act6.jpg


act7.jpg act8.jpg
act9.jpg act10.jpg

On 26th may the roof top maintenance was done, all the old roof was replaced by the new one so, now no more dripping of water in physiotherapy and advanced class room, everything is safe.


Finally, we would like to thank all institutions, organizations, sponsors, well wishers, volunteers and friends of 'Maitri Griha' for your support and co-operation for making this little project going!!!!!!

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