Liebe Freunde,
ich hatte Ihnen geschrieben, dass ein Mädchen verschollen war - meine Hoffnung, dass sie lebt hat sich erfüllt. Ich darf Ihnen ihren traurigen Bericht senden. Nun warte ich nur noch auf Jitendra, den ich nach dem Beben getroffen, doch seither keine Nachricht habe.

We are having a tough time and m so sorry for late reply, b'cos since everything is gone, and i don't have acess to internet. I'm at village and to check my mail i have to kom many km down. The devasting earthquake has taken several lives and, my house.  We couuldn't have imagines even in the worst nightmare. My village"s home is gone and my father was hospitalized he has some serious injurious. Since there are no one to take care of him i am still at my village, l taking care of my dad.

We are living with the relief food that people are donating at our village and few foods that we were able to take it out from broken house. The kathmandu house where i was staying too has crack in many places and is not even safe staying there too. I don't know for how long i will be stayin at village.

Earthqauake hasn't stopped yet, we can still feel aftershock of 4,5 magnitude sometime and still are in the great fear and terror. This has made our mental stability too weak and are desparetly waiting and hoping for earthquake to stop and pray to god it doesn't strikes of higher magnitude. Thank you mom, dad and aunt for the eternal support and love u all have been providing.

I'm alone here and have no one to pour down all the pain I'm suffering through these days but your mail has given me a support, hope and encouragement to start in new way and not to loose hope. Thank you and lot of love and regards, indira.

"Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid" und so schliesse ich Sie in meine Nachrichten ein.

Grüsse Gisela