We would like to thank all of you for helping us with our project in 2012. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible to give these children a place to learn, to help them develop their skills and to integrate them into their families as an accepted and appreciated member.

As the year 2012 ends the “Buddha Jyoti Himalayan Youth Club” wants to tell you about the changes and news that the year has brought to “Maitri Griha”.

Staffs Training

On 27th of August Dawa went for training for a week at ECEC( Early childhodd education center). Also PhurLhamu for three days, Both of them were happy to attend the training and  learned many ideas of conducting different activities, like games,music class,and class room decoration. Also the teaching method to the children. Which is very important in Maitri-Griha.

Well Construction

 well_1sm.jpg  well_2sm.jpg

On April 25th new well was constructed  to fulfill the shortage of water in Maitri-Griha, since water is not collecting at the old well and shortage of water brings so many hygienic problem so to maintain it we made a new well.


At the moment eleven children take part in our Daycare program in two classes. In the beginner class the children learn to get more independent in their daily activities like toileting, dressing or eating and to develop their skill to concentrate and stick to a task. In this class there are seven children.

Two of the new children, Pawan Rai and Ashmita Lama joined in Maitri-Griha on 7th October and 20th November.

 sagar.jpg  tsewang.jpg  sanita.jpg  pawan.jpg
 Sagar  Tsewang  Sanita  Pawan
dipendra.jpg angmu.jpg  ashmita.jpg
 Dipendra  Angmu  Ashmita

In the advanced class, lessons focus on reading, writing, maths and on vocational training like candle making, doing household work. In this class there are four children.

pasang.jpg  sailesh.jpg  anish.jpg sandesh.jpg
 Pasang  Sailesh Anish  Sandesh

 Three children left “Maitri-Griha” in 2012.

 phulmaya.jpg  avinash.jpg  anish2.jpg
 Phulmaya  Avinash  Anish

In the year 2012 three children (Phulmaya,Avinash and Anish) left Maitri-Griha.The reason for all these three children was their family had moved in new place. Avinash went to Pokhara, also Phulmaya moved back to her village with her family and Anish moved in a new place where we cannot reached our van.

Activities and some outing programs in 2012

Physiotherapy and Home visiting programs

 bishal_sunuwar_sm.jpg  sanita2_sm.jpg
 Bishal Sunuwar  Sanita
 hemanta_sm.jpg purnima.jpg
 Hemanta  Purnima

These are the children getting regular physio-therapy either at home or at the Maitri-Griha.Two of the children Purnima and Bishal Sunuwar comes regular at Maitri-Griha while Hemanta gets every day at his home.

Impresssions from the daily routine

 daily1.jpg  daily2.jpg
 daily3.jpg  daily4.jpg
 daily5.jpg  daily6.jpg

Outing Program

 outing1.jpg  outing2_sm.jpg

On 15th march we took tour children for swwimming at Norling Resort.

Children attending vaccination programme at ortho-paedic hospital

vac_prog1_sm.jpg vac_prog2_sm.jpg

On 30th April all the children attend the vaccination programme at ortho-paedic hospital. Also on 28th of November our children attend the dental health checkup programme at Bhaktapur conducted by Suvadra Foundation.

Wheel chair Distribution programme

 wheel_chair1_sm.jpg  wheel_chair2_sm.jpg

Ramlal Tamang

On 9th September and 23rd October we distribute two wheel chairs. One is for Ganga Rai a seven years old child who comes to Maitri-Griha for physio-therapy. And another one  for a Ramlal Tamang of Phulasi Ramechhap. Ramlal got half of his body paralysed after the accident he had in the marble factory, he couldn’t moved both of his leg. He was very happy and thank all the maitri-griha family and well-wisher for providing him a wheel chair.

Visit  of board member from “Stitching van Kathmandu”

In October Marcelinter Horst a board member of stitching van Kathmandu visit Maitri-Griha. She bought a varieties of moulds from Netherlands which was very much needed for the candle training in Maitri-Griha also she gave a training to the staffs about how to use it. Beside it we also discuss regarding the upcoming activities and the future plan of Maitri-Griha.

Change in staffs

 punam_rai.jpg  prem_magar.jpg
 Punam Rai  Prem Magar

After the the two years of the service Phurlamu Sherpa( teacher) and Babu lama (cook) left Maitri-Griha, since both of them wants to go abroad. Again we have new staff in their place Punam Rai (teacher) she has a two years of experience working with the mentally challenged people and Prema Magar (cook). He is also very honest and hard working.


This year again we could welcome some volunteers

  1. Marjoneke Devetten (March and April)
  2. Rianne Mesman (April and May)
  3. Ilse Haarler (August and September)
  4. Anna van Tilburg (November and December)

Thank you for supporting us.


During the year 2013 we would like to focus more on staffs training and the vocational programe for the children to develop the skills.

We are always looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to our little home, which can work with the children and help our staff to develop their skills working with these mentally challenged children. In exchange we can offer you an opportunity to explore the culture as you come to understand Nepal, its people and their lives.


We would like to thank all institutions, organizations, sponsors, well wishers, volunteers and friends of “Maitri Griha” for their overwhelming support and co-operation during the year 2012.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
May this New Year 2013 come with blessing, peace and happiness for all of you.

Thank you for keeping this little project going!!!

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