Dear friends, Sponsors, Donors, Well-wishers of MG
Namaste and Tashi Dhelek from Nepal on behalf of Maitri Griha Family. We would like to thank you for your all great support to the date, you all are working together with us to fulfil the goals of the MG project and all those mentally and physically challenged children of Nepal. Everything was fine and going well, till 25th April 2015 at MG and Nepal. 7.9 Richter scale earthquake has devasted Nepal and traumatised us. We Nepalese are in one of the biggest tragedy to the date, our generation has never experienced it.Still many people cannot sleep inside the house; even we are unable to go inside the house. Now and then aftershocks are going.
The human casualties have reached more than 5500, the numbers are rising rapidly, and thousands are severely injured. The houses are badly damaged. Kathmandu valley is completely broken at the moment. Many people are leaving valley, among them, lots of Youths are leaving. Leaving Kathmandu as valley of rubble and death, leaving on its own. We could already see people are in panic and in few days it will get even worse, in terms of health issue, as human dead bodies and animals dead bodies are start to decay. Despite the fact Nepal government is working, things are getting worse. As the damagesare out of our resources capabilities. 
About the MG Family, we could only contact few of the children and our Staff, others we could not reach. We cross our finger rest of them will be safe. 
Anil Tamang
He is fine and the house where he lives has been damaged, he comes from the village Sindhupalchok, his house there is completely destroyed and he is now suffered from Trauma.
Reazon Shreshtha
He has lost 8-9 of his close relatives. His house in the village is completely destroyed. He has been living out of the house. His parents told us they were not getting food, water, sleeping place. 
Arati Kharel 
She lives outside; the house where she lives has been damaged as well. 
Asis Nepal 
He lives with parents. The house is very badly damaged. 
Our Maitri Griha house has a new crack. As this is very old house. Our volunteer Room has already crack before earthquake. The house is even unstable now. So this has made us new trouble and worry for the project, like many other millions Nepalese. 
As we find most of them are living in terrible condition. They are staying out from the house and some are sick, and those who saved lives, they are also facing many problems.Like shortage of food, clothe, medicineand some of their relatives has died, the pain is unbearable and one of our staff has loose her house in the village and she told us that she is out of contact from Sunday, after second strong struck of the earthquake.
It is very sad, that some of our children and staff come from Sindhupalchok, which is hardly hit by the earthquake and almost none of the house exist there. For lots of them, whose house damaged in Kathmandu can move to village and stay there for a while in a safe place, but like Anil Tamang, Rijan Shreshtha,and our Staffnow they have nowhere to go. Kathmandu is completely broken and houses in the village have turned into debris. Soon in2-3 Weeks Monsoon is coming to Nepal, strong earthquake has loosened the soil and mountain of Nepal. Every monsoon brings hope for farmers to grow paddy and make field green, this time, second round of catastrophe is waiting. As the houses and geographical structures are loosened, horrific scene is to see there. 
I was in village to attend the funeral of close relatives. I got back injured, while trying to get out of the house, when the Earthquake struck. My house  in the village,  has been completely damaged and rest of the villagers as well, All our families has been sleeping outside.
House in Kathmandu has crack as well and damage on the wall and on foundation. I tried to get to Kathmandu to visit Doctor but the roads to the village was not in accessible condition. 
Dear friends Once again this time we are really in a big trouble and would like to work with our all friends, volunteer, Donors and Well wisher in this tragic condition. May your small help will be a big help to us in this needy time and could bring bit of relief for our MG family.
We are extremely sorry that we could not inform you all in right time because at that time there was no network, telephone line, internet still it is not stable like before. Just now also here is aftershock of the earthquake.
It’s terrible, panic, and we are very sad. But we hope we will make it again, as the life should go on and on. 
We will update our MG News after Earthquake, when we have contact with all our MG children and Family member. 
With Best Regards 
Pema Lama on behalf of MG family.
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