We all the maitri-griha family is very much pleased to share with you all, the ongoing construction activities of Maitri-Griha.The construction work has been started from 28 th of February. There was a small puja program made to begin the foundation of the new Building. Our first priority at the moment is on collecting and buying the construction materials.Since, we are bit aware of the blockade. The situation was calming for few weeks but still rumors of more blockade is rising up again and again. So, if we didn’t buy the materials now the situation might get worst in the middle of the work which will badly hamper our smoothly running construction work. We pray and hope that it won’t happen since we were tired with this long, terrible and miserable crisis moments that happened.


Along, with the materials, the construcinton work is also running smoothly. Till now 8 foundation pillar has been built out of 16 .We are happy with the worker’s and contractor for their hard work and effort they are putting to finished the work on time frame. Also,I am glad with my dad and Mhindup who look after the field till the end of the day keeping record of the materials which are dropped in the field for the building.


We are hoping that within 3 months we may move to new place so that we can save further rent expenses,also will be less financial load for the project. At the moment we are not using the top floor two room after the earthquake in suggestion of the engineers. It’s just waste of the room rent money by living in the same house, not using all the rooms and another part is feeling not safe due to frequent after shock. As we already told you the house is not made with the concrete pillar, the crack in the house are getting bigger and bigger even after the little after shock.

We all the maitri-Griha family is very much grateful to all the individual friends, volunteers, sponsors and organization for your great and kind support that you have done for the New building of Maitri- Griha. I am sure all of our dreams will come true ”Maitri-Griha with earthquake proof and nice house of its own”. So that we don’t have to worry further and can run MG smoothly by extending it helping hands to many more underprivileged people and children of Nepal.


Till now we have raised In Euro=17.526,00 and still we need to have 14.560 Euro more for the completion of ground floor (By this amount we can make complete well finishing ground floor with compound wall of the house which is very important in security wise for the children).

We all know that thousand miles begin from a step. So,We heartily accepted every single support of you, Doesn’t matter even if your support will be for a single piece brick ,piece of pebbles, for piece of iron rod, or kg’s of sand or cement. We have started the work so now way to turn back we need to keep on going till we reached our destiny.


Thanks every one for your immense help and co-ordination you are doing with us and joining hands to overcome this building construction project of MAITRI-GRIHA.

Finally, we all the Maitri-Griha family sincerely appreciated your continuous support and co-operation in making this little project going.

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