First of all, Namaste and Tashi Delek on behalf of all Maitri-Griha family. Here we have made a short progress report of Maitri-Griha from January to June 2019.We hope you will enjoy reading it. We all are doing well, children are making progress, staffs are working hard to make better learning atmosphere.

New Van Purchase & Water Filter Installation

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New Van
On 14th of January with the support from Stitching kinder van Kathmandu, Wilde Ganzen foundation, Stitching Holland Building and all the well-wisher of Maitri-Griha, we were able to buy new Eco seven seaters van. Due to the bumpy roads, our old van often has a problem when we were driving to and from Day care center. Sometime the situation was so worst that it broke down in the middle of the road way and all the children needs to get out of the van which was not good for the children considering their safety issue. But finally, through the help from all our well-wisher we could bought a new van for the children. Now, children are comfort and safe while coming to Maitri-Griha and going back home. This van has more space and little bit bigger than the previous one. We would like to convey our thanks and gratitude to all the MG loving friends and well-wisher for this great help. Without your help it wouldn’t be possible for us to accomplish this van project.

mg_062019_3.jpgWater Filter Installation

In Maitri-Griha we use the underground water. Water contains excessive minerals and Iron, so this is not safe for drinking and cooking. We use the jar water for this purpose but the cost is very high to afford it. Finally we received support from Jan en Williemien to set up the water filter. Now the children can used the water for drinking and cooking also it will definitely reduce the water cost expenses of MG. We are very thankful to all the friends who helped us through Jan en Williemien.






mg_062019_4.jpgMaintenance and Constructions
Every year in the monsoon season MG faced problem due to muddy roads and bad drainage. The van needs to park in the main road, almost few hundred meters away and children have to walk in order to come to MG. But from this year the van can drive to the gate of MG. As, the road has been paved with the help of local people and municipality. MG also involved actively to accomplish this local project. We are happy that we can bring children safely in MG. Good roads are always important for the people safety and for the better condition of the vehicle. To adjust the height level with roads MG playground floor has been lowered now.





mg_062019_5.jpgHealth and Dental Checkup
It was a very successful Dental surgery of Ashis Nepal and Anil Tamang. These two children have been suffering from tooth pain for a long time and finally the Dentist took out the damaged tooth. Their parents were very happy and thankful to MG and to the member of Dhampus foundations Netherlands for the kind support. These days both of them are doing good and they do not have tooth ache problem, to maintain the oral hygiene we let children to brush their teeth every day after the lunch in Maitri-Griha. We on the behalf of all the children in MG would like to thank all the kind hearted members of Dhampus foundation for this great help. We look forward to working with you in coming future.





mg_062019_6.jpgNew child - Nima Tamang
In January Nima Tamang joined Maitri-Griha. He is 9 years old and lived with father, mother and with his small brother. His family lives in Simaltar which is 5 km far from Maitri-Griha. Originally, they moved from Solukhumbu to Kathmandu in search of proper health checkup and school that is suitable to Nima. Once he was brought in Kathmandu, they took him to Hospital and he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Then the doctors suggest them to find a special school for Nima. This is how he came to Maitri-Griha. His mother does the household work and father work on the construction site, and the whole family is depending upon his income. Hope his mother too can go for work to bring more income in the family, since they still needs to take a care of his small brother. In the last three month we see him doing good progress in all the task and activities given at Maitri-Griha.





Overall Children Progress

Sandesh Tamang & Shailesh Tamang
Sandesh is doing good progress among all the children in Maitri-Griha. He is perfectly fine carrying out all the daily living activities. He gave all round help to staff such as in cleaning, cooking and taking care of the other small children. Since, he is smarter than other children he is focused more on vocational training and given small responsibility task such as to guide other small and new children. He is good in making clay toys, cups, necklace and bracelet. Likewise, Shailesh is also good and is under good progress but he still needs more guides and controlling from the staff and teachers. He is also learning in making clay toys, bracelet and beads but still he needs to learn more. He is also getting regular physiotherapy exercises.

Minkumar Magar

Minkumar is doing good seeing his overall performance. But still some times we find him problem in learning and concentrating in the class. His progress is very much variable. He is a hyper active child, so it is not easy to work with him. He often goes to hospital for the treatment. We had talk with his parents about his activities and later they took him to hospital to do further diagnose, he is getting better after the treatment and still under medications.

Anusha Bhandari,
Anusha is not doing good with her health and because of that she is irregular in the school. Since last year, she has been getting many problems in her health such as thyroid problem, uric acid and also lumps under her armpit. She is under medication. She takes leave in the school often, we consider her due to her health conditions. We hope she will get recovered soon. We are trying to help her as far as possible.

The rest of the children from both basic and advanced class is doing great. Getting regular physiotherapy from Gita in case of needed and enough guidance from staffs and teachers.

Vocational Training and Other Activities

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 Making bracelet and necklace  Saraswati Puja (Goddes of knowledge)
 mg_062019_9.jpg mg_062019_10.jpg
 Pottery training  Playing Games with Ocky
 mg_062019_11.jpg mg_062019_12.jpg
 Routine Task  Oral hygiene Class

We would like to thank all Institutions, Organizations, Sponsors, Well-wishers, Volunteers and friends of “Maitri Griha” For your overwhelming support and co-operation.