Eine kleine Bestandsaufnahme über Nepal heute von Tsering, Onkel von zwei unserer Mädchen - Chultrim und Tsering Bhuti.

Dear Gisela,

Good day!

It's so good to hear you back. Well,there is no particular things to describe about the current situation of  Nepal's politics and I have no interest as well. It's always a dirty game played among these so called political leaders. As of reconstruction, we have a slow progression. Reconstruction process of old monuments, ruins, temples are taking place but in a very slow pace. In Swoyambhu also, buildings, temples, Gompas at the top hill are still waiting for the initiation although it has been already 3 years now since the massive earthquake struck in Nepal in 2015.

Most of houses in Villages are already reconstructed whereas some are under still constructions right now. Government has provided its people Rs 3 Lakh for reconstruction programme but in installment basis. Moreover,  houses have to be built as per the guidance of Nepal's Government. So, even if we are about to build a normal house according to their rule and regulation it would cost us around 5-6 Lakh minimum. So, I don't think a poor class people would have dared to build a house with only Rs 3 Lakh in their hand because every thing such as Labor cost, Material cost and transportation cost  has become very high during this period. This would be one of the reasons why still construction in under way.

Love, Tsering