As our latest news of Maitri-Griha. We would like to update you that MG Day care is open even though there is shortage of fuel and gas. We are not using our van to pick up the children since, you know the situation in Nepal the big and terrible crisis occur due to economic blockade. Children who are near MG are coming by walking so, parents are dropping and picking the child after the school. The children who are far we made clear with the parents that we will come to pick the children once there is available of fuel.

We used to have 16 children but after that earthquake 3 of the children stop coming, like Dipendra and Tsewang went to village, Pasang shown very irregular and later stops coming to Maitri-Griha. We request the parents to make continue but they didn’t listen and also its very difficult for us to help the child, if the parents appear very irresponsible.














At this moment we have 13 children who are coming regularly but due to the crises and far distance only 7 children are coming regularly by walking. We are trying our best to cope with the situation but not only us whole nation is victims of this crisis.

















About Nepal, Situation of the whole country is in misery. The southern part of Nepal is under strike for more than 3 months. Due to the clash and strike in the southern part of the country. The people from whole country is facing the crises and shortage of daily basic needs like, fuel, gas, food and medicine. Life is getting harder and harder.













People who works as a labour in the construction sector even can’t provide food for them as well as for the family. The price of every food items has been increased so high that it’s beyond the imagination. Black market on everything is spreading very tremendously that it’s getting extremely difficult for the poor and underprivileged people of Nepal. We,are very clear that Nepali people cannot sustain and bear this crises for longer time. It’s a political crises and it can be only solved through the political dialogues and negotiation. We hope it will get resolved soon, other wise Nepal will have to face even bigger disaster of political imbalance. Which will be much more worse than the earthquake disaster.

Finally we would like to thank all of you for your continuous and generous support to Maitri- Griha. We keep you update !!!

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